Out Performs ALL Non-Slip Competitors Hands Down
Slippery Floor Solutions

What is Slippery Floor Solutions?

SLIP TECH Floor and Safety treatment uses technology from the computer chip industry to make tiled surfaces extremely slip resistant through micro-etching. The surface does not look rough to the human eye, but with a high-powered microscope it looks like the Himalayan Mountains with millions of peaks and valleys. When a shoe makes contact with the wet tile, water is evacuated, forming a suction that greatly decreases slipping.

It has been SLIP TECH's experience that topical coatings (acrylic, urethane, etc.) do not work well on tile or stone. These materials are so dense that the coating does not adhere properly and deteriorates in a short period of time. The same is true for coatings that contain sand or aluminum oxide. In the latter case, the particles pop out leaving a slippery, pockmarked floor. Removing these coatings can be very costly, as well as time consuming and messy.