How To Apply SLIP TECH

In general the application of SLIP TECH couldn't be more simple - mop, brush then rinse - you're done. In reality the application is very important and should be applied exactly as the factory instructions. Remember this is a microscopic etching of the surface of the tile or stone.

  1. The floor should be clean. This involves a mild pH neutral solution and thorough rinse. Complete drying is not necessary, but no puddles, just damp wet.
  2. This next step is crucial - getting the right strength for your particular job.

    1. To one gallon of water add anywhere from 6-12 ounces of SLIP TECH. Determine the strength by how often the floor gets wet, how glossy the tile, are people barefoot, are young children involved (running), is it interior or exterior, etc...
    2. This is where SLIP TECH is crucial. We want to talk to you before the job. We are not here just to sell you chemical. We want to hear details upfront. The more knowledge we share the better your result.
  3. We insist you apply the product with an old fashion string mop. You want to cover a large area in a short period of time. The instant you start moping, the product is working on the surface. NEVER use a small brush or sponge mop. These are too small and it will take time to cover a 200 to 400 s/f area. You want to keep the timing on the application equal for all areas.
  4. Once you mop it on evenly and liberally the next step is VERY IMPORTANT. Using a regular push broom you want to brush it on in all directions (repeatedly). If you don't brush well, there is a chance you will see mop marks or drip marks that will be permanently on the surface and won't go away.
  5. After brushing (5-10 minutes) it is time to rinse well. Using another string mop, apply water liberally going over and over the floor. This will stop the reaction. If the job is outside, hose off well and you're done. Pre-rinse grass and plants before you start. On interior jobs you need to use a wet vac to suck up all the liquid.
You will feel the grip as you rinse - it is amazing. If the grab isn't amazing, apply a second time for 3-5 minutes (repeat steps 3-5). A second step is rare, but your feet will tell you. Cleaning the floor regularly with a damp mop will keep the floor looking new for many years. One quart of SLIP TECH commercial strength will treat 1,000 to 1,500 s/f.