Who Uses Slip Tech?


Any many more!

It takes more than a Caution Sign to protect your company and clients
from Slip and Fall Injuries and Lawsuits!

Our anti-slip product creates safe surfaces all around the world.

From restaurants and hotels to malls and corporate offices, non-slip flooring products are required to create a safe environment for employees, customers, and visitors. As a business owner in this litigious society, it is important to protect your company from unnecessary lawsuits due to slippery floors. Reliable and effective non-slip products can protect you and your company.

Restaurants are known for hazardous conditions due to food and beverage spills. As an owner, you cannot count on the foresight of your employees to wear slip-resistant shoes, and you must protect your guests. Utilizing the anti-slip floor products at your disposal is the only way to guarantee the safety of your staff and customers.

Hotels & Convention Centers often have wall-to-wall marble, tiles, and other flooring surfaces that can become dangerous with a small spill. Anything with a silica molecular base responds well to the SLIP TECH non-slip floor product and can keep your floor safe and slip-resistant.

Commercial Buildings, from office complexes to warehouses, can be hotspots for unnoticed leaks. Protect your tenants, employees, and your company from hazards and lawsuits with anti-slip products on all floors in your building.

Malls welcome families and kids of all ages, but the combination of clumsy kids and a food court often leads to a messy, slippery floor. Even the open expanses of the mall are subject to coffee, ice cream, and other beverage spills. Simply protect your floors from these hazards with SLIP TECH’s non-slip floor product and never worry about it again.

Hospitals are a hotbed for spills – from bodily fluids to medications. As hospital chief or administrator, you cannot afford to expose your doctors, nurses, patients and visitors to unsafe conditions. From the lobby to the operating room, apply SLIP TECH’s anti-slip floor product to protect present and future patients from these unnecessary hazards.