Tips From the Pros

As one of the co-founders of this industry in 1986, we have seen many companies come and go. There are many companies on the internet: some are good and some are a waste of time and money. We will try and help you to make an informed decision on this process.

First of all, there are too many companies for this niche market. That is because it is so profitable and requires little investment up front. You buy something for $10 and sell it for up to $100.

Never pay more than $60.00/gallon. Find a company that has been actually doing jobs for at least 10 years. There is a lot more to this industry than just selling you chemicals and the rest is up to you (with no experience!) When you are putting acids on expensive ceramic tile you or your advisor should know what you are doing.

Avoid treatments that require a two- or even three-step process. Some companies claim the product is super safe and not an acid. They actually make an acid on your floor! Avoid treatments that are applied with a small scrubber applicator, especially for larger jobs. The concept is to apply a lot of chemical to a fairly large area in a short period of time. Your search engine can help you select the best company. Along the top of the page and down the right hand side are paid-for ads that change every day. In the center below the paid ads are the organic listings. These are arranged in order according to their formula (algorithm) to find the best company - those on the first page are higher rated than the second page, the top 5 are on the first page are ranked higher than the those on the bottom half of the page. Sticking with those listings on the top half of the first page is generally your best bet.

Be leery of companies who won't publish their prices. They want to "sell " you on the phone, ignore them. 800 numbers with no numbers (800 NO SLIP) are rather annoying if you have dyslexia.

There are many factors in selecting the right company for you. Feel free to call us for more unbiased information.